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Tailored kitchen renovation in Mission Viejo, CA. Our licensed remodelers specialize in crafting and constructing your envisioned dream kitchen.

Creating stunning kitchens is our passion!

Transform your home with a modern kitchen and live your dreams! Revamp your outdated kitchen for the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality.

Top Kitchen Remodeling Contractor in Mission Viejo

Ever felt your kitchen needs an upgrade? Are your cabinets worn? Countertops losing their luster? It’s time to consider renovating your Mission Viejo kitchen.
As trusted local remodelers, we’re here to answer all your questions about Mission Viejo kitchen renovation – from costs to timelines and required steps.

Mission Viejo's Renowned Kitchen Remodeling Professionals

Revamp your Mission Viejo kitchen to craft an inviting space that perfectly reflects your preferred design aesthetic.
Employing a well-established, efficient process, our team of adept craftsmen and dedicated project leaders can fashion an enduring and remarkable kitchen renovation.

Essentials for Remodeling Kitchens in Mission Viejo

Transforming your Mission Viejo kitchen goes beyond a fresh coat of paint and new cabinets; it’s a comprehensive renovation. Local Mission Viejo remodeling firms require skilled HVAC experts, electricians, drywallers, painters, and demolition specialists.
At Enclave Remodeling, our adept specialists are ready to meet all your Mission Viejo kitchen renovation needs. Whether you desire a warm, inviting atmosphere or a modern, serene space, our team, comprising skilled demolition specialists and tradesmen, can turn your vision into reality. Connect with our Mission Viejo kitchen remodeling experts for a complimentary, obligation-free consultation, and let us help you craft the perfect kitchen.

Mission Viejo Kitchen Remodeling Services

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Modern & Contemporary Kitchens

Kitchens in Small and Compact Sizes

Renderings of 3D Kitchen Designs

Determining the Cost of Kitchen Remodeling in Mission Viejo

The cost of renovating a Mission Viejo kitchen depends largely on the extent of labor. Whether you’re updating, fixing plumbing, or opting for a complete overhaul influences the expenses.

Prioritizing Customer Satisfaction in Kitchen Remodeling!

For an accurate cost estimate, contact Enclave Remodeling directly. We’ll visit, listen to your ideas, assess your current kitchen, and provide a detailed quote based on your specific needs, ensuring transparency in the breakdown of costs and work involved.
As leading kitchen remodelers, we offer comprehensive services and expertise. Our team will thoroughly inspect your existing kitchen, take precise measurements, and understand your preferences, objectives, and vision. This detailed process allows us to determine the most suitable course of action for your Mission Viejo kitchen renovation project.

Our kitchen renovation experts exclusively utilize premium materials.

Being a well-regarded Mission Viejo-based kitchen remodeling firm, we have forged strong ties and collaborations with diverse kitchen designers and installers. This enables us to provide you with superior manufacturing materials and proficient professionals at highly competitive rates.
Below are some examples of top-tier kitchen features that our kitchen remodelers can assist you with:
Our team of kitchen remodelers has experience working with a wide range of cabinetry styles, from classic Shaker cabinets to modern high-gloss designs, in various eras, colors, materials, and designs. As kitchen renovation experts, we can help you find the perfect cabinet design, whether you prefer rustic country-style cabinets or sleek soft-close glossy cabinets. As kitchen remodeling contractors, we work with stock, custom-made, and semi-custom cabinets, giving you a range of storage options for your kitchen.
Enclave Remodeling’ Mission Viejo kitchen remodelers provide a choice of countertop styles to match your functional and aesthetic demands, including granite, marble, Corian, and laminate. Because our kitchen remodeling contractors sell a number of materials, including natural and engineered stone, we can give you kitchen counter surfaces in a variety of designs and degrees of heat, mold, and stain resistance.
Our team of Mission Viejo kitchen remodeling experts can help you select the ideal backsplash to match your countertop and overall kitchen design, whether you prefer subway tile, steel tile, modern glass, ceramic tiles, or mosaics. We can assist you in choosing from a full-height backsplash or the traditional 4-inch backsplash that best suits your cooking needs and personal style preferences.
While appliances must operate, they must also match the overall theme of your kitchen renovation. Our knowledgeable kitchen remodeling team can easily recommend the best mixers, ovens, refrigerators, sinks, and other kitchen equipment. They will complement your flexible style and last for a long time.
Enclave Remodeling is pleased to collaborate with skilled contractors and suppliers who exclusively deliver high-quality kitchen equipment.

What is the estimated duration for completing a kitchen project from the commencement of demolition?

Typically, a Mission Viejo kitchen renovation project can be finalized within a span of 4 to 8 weeks. However, if the project involves a substantial space and significant structural alterations, such as wall removal, the overall timeline may extend to 8-12 weeks.
During these periods, it is advisable to make alternative arrangements for daily cooking, such as setting up a temporary kitchenette in another room or relying more on takeout services.

Why choose us for your kitchen remodel?

Customer-Centric Approach

Enclave Remodeling prioritizes the customer, with our kitchen remodelers being driven by your needs. Your style, preferences, and vision will guide every step of your kitchen renovation project, from the initial meeting with our contractors to project discussion, conceptualization, design phase, and the final handover post-construction.


Our professional kitchen renovation contractors are dedicated to delivering your chosen aesthetic, whether it’s classic, modern, minimalist, or rustic. While the design is entirely up to you, we ensure appealing and durable results through high-quality materials, superior craftsmanship, and attention to detail in every project.


Our kitchen remodelers understand that every client is concerned about their budget. Regardless of the project’s scale, we go above and beyond to educate clients about project expenses, their purpose, and how adjustments can impact the overall cost. We believe in delivering value for money while recognizing your home as an investment deserving of high-quality, long-lasting outcomes.

Comprehensive Solution

Enclave Renovation excels in providing a one-stop solution for all your renovation needs. Our expertise in the kitchen remodeling industry, commitment to quality, and customer-focused work ethic enable us to promptly address any concerns that may arise during the process.
For inquiries or to discuss transforming your ideal home into reality, please contact us. Enclave Remodeling is your go-to destination for top-notch kitchen remodeling services.

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For the best service and an accurate quote for your Mission Viejo kitchen remodeling or bathroom renovation project, reach out to Enclave Remodeling via phone or our online form. Our team of Mission Viejo kitchen remodeling contractors is ready to conduct a thorough analysis, address your concerns, and provide valuable suggestions for optimal results.

Happy Kitchen Remodeling Clients in Mission Viejo

Omri was a fantastic project manager when Enclave Remodeling Inc. rebuilt my kitchen. He assisted me in selecting the best materials, and everything went without a hitch. I’m thrilled with the outcomes and have no hesitation in recommending the Enclave team.
– Joao Neto
For my kitchen and bathroom makeover, choosing Omri at Enclave Remodeling Inc. was the greatest choice I could have made! I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.
– Cataleya
We are grateful that we chose Enclave for our remodel, and would definitely recommend them without reservation.
– Shirin Engineer

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