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Enclave Remodeling Inc. is widely recognized as the leading bathroom renovation contractor in Aliso Viejo. With decades of experience, we have a proven track record in transforming custom bathrooms across the Aliso Viejo area. Our exceptional work has garnered numerous five-star ratings on Google, Facebook, and Yelp, as well as prestigious customer-service awards from, attesting to our remarkable transformation skills.
At Enclave Remodeling Inc., our contractors are highly skilled craftsmen who are attuned to your specific needs, whether it involves additional cabinet storage (ranging from pre-fab to custom cabinets), expanded dining space, open floor plans, custom flooring, or exquisite finishes.
Our remodeling experts specialize in delivering high-quality bathroom design and construction. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to providing outstanding customer service. We understand that home renovation can be a stressful undertaking, and our aim is to streamline the process for you and your family, making it as easy and efficient as possible.
Our objective at Enclave Remodeling Inc. is to ensure that your Aliso Viejo bathroom renovation is not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional.
We’re not merely focused on completing the task; we’re here to complete it with excellence, surpassing your expectations. We achieve all of this while remaining dedicated to your goals, budget, and timeline.

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As your trusted bathroom remodeling contractor, Enclave Remodeling Inc. provides a comprehensive range of services for custom bathroom remodels. Whether it’s a large or small project, our team can efficiently manage all aspects of the remodel. We can design various options for you and then bring your chosen design to life.

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Why Choose Us as Your Preferred Bathroom Remodeling Partner in Aliso Viejo?

If you reside in Aliso Viejo or its neighboring areas, you might be contemplating the benefits of a bathroom renovation. Primarily, it can enhance the value of your Aliso Viejo home, which is particularly advantageous if you’re considering selling. However, even if you’re not contemplating a sale, there are compelling reasons to consider a bathroom renovation for your Aliso Viejo residence. Perhaps you require more bathroom space or desire a complete overhaul of an old, worn-looking area.
Outdated bathrooms can significantly detract from a home’s initial impression. We’ve all encountered bathrooms that seem frozen in time, harking back to the 1970s, and regrettably, such impressions tend to linger. Even if your goal isn’t a full modernization, you might notice that despite your best cleaning efforts, your bathroom still appears dingy and weathered.

Why Choose Us as Your Aliso Viejo Bathroom Contractor?

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What's Involved in an Aliso Viejo Bathroom Renovation / Remodel?

Residential bathroom renovations and remodels in Aliso Viejo can encompass a variety of elements. For instance, you might opt for the installation of a new shower or tub, whether to replace an outdated and unwieldy one or to enhance accessibility. Alternatively, you may decide to expand the space, laying down new flooring, installing a fresh vanity, and more.
Whether your Aliso Viejo bathroom renovation project is substantial or modest, you can place your trust in Enclave Remodeling Inc. to deliver exceptional service at an attractive price. Here’s how we can help you turn your vision for an Aliso Viejo bathroom remodel into reality.

Collaborate with the bathroom remodeling experts in Aliso Viejo!

Should you have any inquiries about Aliso Viejo bathroom remodeling costs for your home, we’d be delighted to engage in a more detailed discussion. Please don’t hesitate to reach out today or complete the estimate form on our website for a complimentary, obligation-free consultation and cost assessment. Our Aliso Viejo remodeling specialists will visit your location to gain insights into your bathroom-related concerns and explore any ideas or inspirations you may have for the desired outcome. Even if you’re uncertain, we can provide guidance to help you make the most of your available space and create a design that you’ll cherish for years to come.
Now is the ideal moment to contemplate an Aliso Viejo bathroom renovation. There’s a wealth of splendid new styles, eco-friendly flooring options, stunning showers, and accessible tubs available, all of which can seamlessly complement your home decor, lifestyle, and family’s needs. When seeking estimates from various Aliso Viejo bathroom remodeling companies, ensure that one of them is Enclave Remodeling Inc., and discover just how budget-friendly your bathroom renovation project can be!
With a multitude of five-star reviews in kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, and more, we cordially invite you to find out why Enclave Remodeling Inc. is the premier bathroom remodeling company in Aliso Viejo. Put our knowledgeable experts to work for you, creating a new bathroom that perfectly aligns with your style, creativity, and the requirements of both you and your family. We’re well-equipped to handle bathroom renovations in Aliso Viejo, so don’t hesitate to give us a call today for a complimentary analysis of your bath remodel costs and entrust us to oversee all your renovation needs!

What Our Bathroom Remodeling Clients in Aliso Viejo Say About Us

I have been most impressed with Enclave’s design and implementation of our bathroom remodel. Omri and his workers have been extremely professional and accommodating.
– Daniel Mann
Enclave did a fantastic remodeling of our bathroom. Very professional and detail oriented. The project finished on time for the selling of our home. They also did all of our upstairs flooring and baseboards. I highly recommend them.
– Leland Lantz
We consider ourselves fortunate to have chosen Enclave Remodeling for our project. Awesome! Considering the time and the work needed to be done, Omri and his team did an amazing job. On time and on budget.
– Manee Bartolome

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