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Tailored kitchen renovation services in Costa Mesa, CA. As licensed remodelers, we have the expertise to conceptualize and construct your envisioned kitchen.

We take great pleasure in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of kitchens!

Transform your residence with a contemporary kitchen to meet your aspirations! Turn your existing kitchen into your dream space, achieving the ideal blend of style and functionality.

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Have you observed signs that your kitchen is showing its age? Are the cabinets looking lackluster and worn? Do the countertops seem a bit worn at the edges? It might be time to consider renovating your kitchen in Costa Mesa.
Certainly, you likely have numerous questions, such as the cost of a kitchen renovation in Costa Mesa. In what sequence will the renovations take place? What is required, and what is the timeline? As trusted local Costa Mesa kitchen remodelers, we are here to answer any queries you may have about kitchen remodeling.

The kitchen remodeling specialists in Costa Mesa recognized for their award-winning expertise.

Revamp your Costa Mesa kitchen to craft a warm and inviting space that perfectly embodies your preferred sense of style.
With a well-established and efficient process, alongside a team of skilled craftsmen and dedicated project leaders, we can craft an enduring and splendid kitchen renovation designed to withstand the test of time.

What is necessary for remodeling a kitchen in Costa Mesa?

Revamping your kitchen in Costa Mesa goes beyond a fresh coat of paint and new cabinetry; it entails a complete overhaul. Costa Mesa kitchen renovation companies in the area should have skilled professionals such as HVAC technicians, electricians, drywall experts, painters, and demolition specialists on their team.
Fortunately, at Enclave Remodeling, we have a team of specialists ready to assist you with all your Costa Mesa kitchen renovation requirements. Enclave Remodeling can transform your Costa Mesa kitchen into a cozy, inviting space that perfectly reflects the style you aim to achieve, with expertise ranging from demolition specialists to skilled tradesmen who are true professionals and artists in their field.
We can assist you in creating the perfect Costa Mesa kitchen, whether you envision it as warm and inviting or modern and calming. Reach out to our Costa Mesa kitchen remodeling contractors today for a complimentary consultation, and let us guide you in crafting the ideal space without any obligation on your part.

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What is the cost of remodeling a kitchen in Costa Mesa?

The cost of remodeling a kitchen in Costa Mesa is greatly influenced by the extent of labor required. For example, a complete overhaul of your Costa Mesa kitchen will be more expensive than just replacing fixtures or installing new cabinetry.

Ensuring customer satisfaction is our primary focus for homeowners undergoing kitchen remodeling!

The best method to receive a more accurate estimate of the cost of Costa Mesa kitchen renovation is to contact Enclave Remodeling directly and get a full quote tailored to your specific needs.
We’ll visit your location, attentively listen to your ideas, vision, and goals, and assess your current kitchen and necessary tasks. Our Costa Mesa kitchen remodeling contractors conduct detailed examinations, take precise measurements, and determine the most suitable next steps. This ensures you have a clear understanding of the costs and breakdown of work needed for the completion of your Costa Mesa kitchen renovation project.
Being the top kitchen remodelers in your locality, we offer exceptional renovation services and comprehensive expertise to oversee every facet of your project. Enclave Remodeling will come to your location and engage in discussions about your preferences, ideas, goals, and vision. Our kitchen remodelers will also evaluate the current kitchen to identify necessary changes. Through a thorough inspection and accurate measurements, we will determine the most suitable course of action.

Our kitchen remodeling professionals exclusively utilize top-quality materials.

As a leading Costa Mesa kitchen remodeling company, we have established strong connections and partnerships with various kitchen installers and designers. This enables us to provide you with manufacturing supplies and specialists at highly competitive prices.
Here are some examples of premium kitchen features that our kitchen remodeling experts can assist you with:
Our kitchen remodelers handle various types of cabinetry, from Shaker cabinets to contemporary high-gloss options, spanning different styles, eras, colors, materials, and designs. As kitchen renovation professionals, we can help you find the perfect design, whether you prefer traditional country cabinets or sleek, soft-close glossy ones. Collaborating with stock, bespoke, and semi-custom cabinets as kitchen remodeling contractors, we offer a range of storage options for your kitchen.
Enclave Remodeling’s kitchen remodelers in Costa Mesa offer various countertop styles to meet both your functional needs and aesthetic preferences, such as granite, marble, Corian, and laminate. Due to our kitchen remodeling contractors working with a range of materials, including natural and engineered stone, we can provide kitchen counter surfaces in diverse designs and with varying degrees of heat, mold, and stain resistance.
Whether you prefer subway tile, steel tile, contemporary glass, ceramic tiles, or mosaics, our kitchen remodeling professionals in Costa Mesa can discover the ideal backsplash to complement both your countertop and the overall design of your kitchen. Whether it’s a full-height backsplash or the more traditional 4-inch option, our kitchen renovation experts will pinpoint the best backsplash for your culinary needs and personal style preferences.
While appliances must function effectively, they should also align with the overall aesthetic of your kitchen renovation. Our experienced kitchen remodeling team can readily suggest the optimal mixers, ovens, refrigerators, sinks, and other kitchen equipment that not only complement your versatile style but also ensure longevity.
Enclave Remodeling is delighted to work with proficient contractors and suppliers dedicated to providing only high-quality kitchen equipment.

What is the expected duration for completing a kitchen project from the initiation of the demolition phase?

Typically, a Costa Mesa kitchen renovation project is finished within 4 to 8 weeks. However, for larger spaces with significant structural changes like removing walls, the overall timeframe may extend to 8-12 weeks.
During this period, it is advisable to consider alternative arrangements for everyday cooking, such as establishing a temporary kitchenette in another room or relying on takeout more than usual.

What sets us apart for your kitchen remodel?

Customer-Centric Approach

The initial and foremost aspect to grasp about Enclave Remodeling is that our kitchen remodelers prioritize customers and are driven by your requirements.


Elevate your space with our skilled kitchen renovation contractors, tailoring designs from modern to classic. Craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and attention to detail ensure lasting appeal in every project.


Our kitchen remodelers prioritize transparency, guiding clients to understand project expenses and make impactful adjustments. We believe in delivering value, recognizing your home as a long-term investment deserving of quality outcomes.

The Entire Solution

Enclave Remodeling stands out as a one-stop solution for all your remodeling needs. With decades of commitment to excellence, our kitchen remodeling contractors possess the expertise and client-focused ethic to address any challenges promptly. Contact us to turn your ideal home into reality.
For inquiries or to discuss your project, reach out to Enclave Remodeling—the best kitchen remodelers in your area. Call us or fill out our online form for a precise quote and top-notch service in Costa Mesa. Our specialists conduct thorough analyses, ensuring optimal results while addressing your questions and offering valuable suggestions. Let’s transform your space together.

Happy Kitchen Remodeling Clients in Costa Mesa

Enclave Remodeling Inc. is a reputable remodeling company that delivers on its promises and produces excellent work. They are reliable renovators who produce high-quality work.
– Izabella
Omri and his team did a fantastic job remodeling our bathroom from beginning to end. We were searching for a turnkey contractor that could plan and oversee the work of all the other subcontractors. Enclave Remodeling performed an excellent job of this, working diligently and meticulously from step to step and providing us the chance to approve or alter specifics at each stage. Everyone was kind, attentive, and adaptable enough to change the plan as it progressed. Without a doubt, we’ll hire them again!
– Kaylani
Our kitchen was beautifully renovated by Omri and his crew at Enclave Remodeling Inc. Omri took the time to explain the entire process from beginning to end because this was our first project of this size. His insistence that we obtain all required items before beginning the demolition made the project considerably simpler. As a result, the remodel’s transition from one section to the next was simple. When we are ready to start, we will surely call Omri and the team to start remodeling the master bathroom.
– Aylin

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