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Huntington Beach stands out as one of the most appealing destinations for new residents and businesses in the United States. With appreciating home values, the current time is perfect for homeowners to consider investing in home improvement. When you partner with Enclave Remodeling Inc., you’re teaming up with seasoned Huntington Beach home remodeling professionals boasting extensive industry expertise. Over the past two decades, we have successfully executed a wide range of projects, from window replacements to custom remodeling, throughout the city and its neighboring suburbs. Through our Huntington Beach remodeling services, you can enhance your home’s aesthetic charm, energy efficiency, and potential resale value. In Huntington Beach, eco-friendly living isn’t merely a passing fad; it’s a way of life that homeowners are willing to embrace, and we are well-equipped to help them make it a reality.

Top-Notch Huntington Beach Home Remodeling Services

Our Huntington Beach home remodeling contractors offer a complete remodeling solution, from windows to kitchen renovations. Our services are not only cost-effective but also of the utmost quality, ensuring that your Huntington Beach renovation will provide you with years of satisfaction. Explore the array of services offered by our Huntington Beach home remodelers:

Kitchen Remodeling/Renovation in Huntington Beach:

Our Huntington Beach remodeling services can completely modernize your kitchen, turning it into the new heart of your home.

Bathroom Remodeling/Renovation in Huntington Beach:

Whether you need a seamless tub liner replacement or a comprehensive bathroom transformation, we have the expertise to handle it all.


Regardless of the type of window you require to complement your home’s design, you can trust our experts to deliver the highest-quality products.

Is It Time to Revamp Your Huntington Beach Home?

We understand that home remodeling can be a significant investment in terms of both finances and time. Many Huntington Beach homeowners often question if it’s necessary. If you find yourself uncertain about embarking on a home renovation project, consider the following factors:
Is Your Home Feeling Outdated?
Is your Huntington Beach kitchen or bathroom transporting you back to the 1970s or 1980s? If so, it might be the ideal moment to bring your home into the 21st century through a modern bathroom remodel or a complete kitchen renovation.

Complete Home Remodeling Services in Huntington Beach

When you’re ready to collaborate with our Huntington Beach home renovators, Enclave Remodeling Inc. is your ultimate choice. Our professionals eagerly anticipate aiding you in crafting and executing custom-designed remodeling solutions that enhance your Huntington Beach residence. You can visit our Huntington Beach office to consult with our specialists. Alternatively, to schedule a free in-home consultation and receive a no-obligation estimate, you can fill out our contact form or give us a call.

A Comprehensive Remodeling Firm Offering All-In-One Services

Enclave Remodeling Inc. has been the preferred choice for a complete range of remodeling services, catering to numerous Huntington Beach homeowners. With a well-established reputation for excellence, we exclusively employ premium materials and highly skilled craftsmanship to consistently surpass our customers’ expectations.
Diverging from the approach of many other remodeling companies that outsource their workforce and provide a limited range of services, we maintain an in-house team of professionals for every phase of the renovation process. From initial planning and design, to material procurement, project management, labor, as well as legal and safety aspects, we handle it all within our single establishment. With us as your partner, you won’t need to seek out another contractor to complete the job.

An Unmatched Commitment to Remodeling Excellence

For us, it’s not solely about achieving a job done correctly. We possess an unyielding dedication to ensuring that each time you gaze upon your completed renovation, you are increasingly awed by the opulence and superior craftsmanship invested in it. Whether your project is a minor renovation task or demands a comprehensive transformation of your entire home, you can place your trust in the expertise and knowledge of our team.

Acquire a No-Cost, No-Obligation Estimate for Your Remodeling Project

We take pride in offering you a no-obligation estimate for your home improvement project that is equitable, precise, and encompasses all the essentials necessary for managing your renovation endeavor from inception to conclusion. We dedicate the necessary time to fathom your requirements and respond to your specific renovation needs. Additionally, we can provide expert recommendations to help you actualize your vision for your home, ensuring that the end result is nothing short of extraordinary.

What our Huntington Beach Home Remodeling Clients Say

I have been most impressed with Enclave’s design and implementation of our bathroom remodel. Omri and his workers have been extremely professional and accommodating.
– Daniel Mann
Enclave did a fantastic remodeling of our bathroom. Very professional and detail oriented. The project finished on time for the selling of our home. They also did all of our upstairs flooring and baseboards. I highly recommend them.
– Leland Lantz
We consider ourselves fortunate to have chosen Enclave Remodeling for our project. Awesome! Considering the time and the work needed to be done, Omri and his team did an amazing job. On time and on budget.
– Manee Bartolome

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